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Important Information

Working for the Kafe is like working for any other employer. We still have to do the W4s, I9s, and have our work to do but we do our best to make working here the most enjoyable experience possible. We are always on the lookout for talented, hard-working folks who get's their work done, but also enjoys what they do and to help create a great work environment!

We believe employees are our best, greatest asset, they are the Kafe's heart and soul and we want every one of them to succeed in all they do while providing the customer with the best service and products possible. We pay every employee a wage well above the Federal minimum wage requirement of $7.25/hr.

Below are some general things you'll need to understand and agree to before beginning work at Kafe Merhaba. Once you've read our general policies you may fill out the application for employment below.

SOPs, Employee Conduct and Dress Code
updated January 1, 2016

Sexual Harassment
It is the policy of Kafe Merhaba to ensure equal employment opportunity without discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, amnesty or status as a covered veteran. Kafe Merhaba prohibits any such discrimination or harassment. Please bring complaints of harassment or sexual harassment to your immediate supervisor, Event Manager or a Partner as soon as possible. Kafe Merhaba encourages the prompt reporting of complaints or concerns so that rapid and constructive action can be taken. Kafe Merhaba prohibits retaliation to any good-faith report.

It is the responsibility of each employee to conduct all tasks in a safe and efficient manner complying with all local, state and federal safety and health regulations and program standards, and with any special safety concerns for use in a particular area or with a client. Report any incidents to a Partner or Event Manager.

Each person is expected to arrive at least 5 minutes early for their shift. The first instance of a no call/no show will result in termination. A no call/no show (including no response from on-call employees) over 1 hour into a missed shift will be considered job abandonment and will be deemed an employee’s voluntary resignation of employment. The remaining shifts will be released for others to choose and your access to the scheduling areas of this website will be terminated.

Clothing and Garb
It is important for all employees to project a professional image while at work by being appropriately attired. Kafe Merhaba employees are expected to be neat, clean and well groomed while on the job. Clothing must be consistent with the standards for our environment and must be appropriate to the type of work being performed. At SCA Events, appropriate attire is General Middle Eastern, Late Persian, Ottoman, Tunisien/ North African, Persian/Turkish Coats, and Hats or Turbans (preferred, not required).
"Belly Bunny" outfits (bare stomach, short skirts and/or cleavage) are not appropriate work attire in the Kafe. Other attire may be appropriate as determined by an Event Manager or Partner.

At Events: Payment of Wages are generally available after 3pm the next day the Kafe is open after your shift. Contact the shift manager on duty to get your pay.

Events, On-Call: An on-call employee who is called back to work outside his or her normal work schedule shall be paid for the time worked or a minimum of two (2) hours, whichever is greater.

Business Incurred expenses
Employees will be reimbursed for reasonable expenses incurred in connection with approved travel or purchases on behalf of the company. Travelers seeking reimbursement should incur the lowest reasonable travel expenses. If a circumstance arises that is not specifically covered in the travel policies, the most conservative course of action should be adopted.

At Events:
Work up to 4 hours shift: one (1) drink OR one (1) snack
Work over 4 hours shift:(1) drink AND one (1) snack OR (2) drinks.
Off Shift: $1.00 off each item ordered. (this is roughly 25% for most items)

If provided, a charging station for your personal mobile device is available for your convenience while you are working. Only charge one device at a time and remove it(and your charging equipment) from the station when it is finished so others may use it. Mark your charging equipment with your name in case it's lost. Personal mobile devices may not be charged anywhere but the charging station provided.

Congrats, you made it, hopefully that wasn't too painful. One last note before you start the application. If we ever need to change our policies, we'll update this page so you can stay informed and also in the full policies and procedure book and employee handbook.

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